The following supplements are available in our office for purchase:

Purchases can be made in the following ways:

  1. Visit us in our office
  2. Contact us by phone or email. We will ship your puchase. Shipping fee is $10.
  3. You may set up accounts with the following three manufacturers.
    Go to their websites and use the codes listed below to create your account
    They will ship directly to you. Discounts are available for monthly auto-ship orders

Supplements can not be purchased on our website

Beyond Balance
MC-BAB-11 fluid oz
MC-BAR-11 fluid oz
MC-BAR-21 fluid oz
MC-BB-11 fluid oz
MC BB-21 fluid oz
Mycoregen1 fluid oz
Bio Pure
Brocolli Sprout Powder90 grams
Cilantro Detox4 fl oz
Liposomal Melatonin1 fl oz
PC-Ecklonia Cava 300mg75 caps
ZeoBind Powder7 oz
Byron White
A-BAB1 oz
A-BART1 oz
A-CM1 oz
A-FNG1 oz
A-Myco1 oz
A-EB/H61 oz
A-L Complex1 oz
A-RMS/B41 oz
Clinical Synergy
PectaSol-C Professional (Citrus Pectin)270 caps
Doctor Inspired Formulas
Liposomal Artemisinin60 caps
Mimosa Pudica Essentials180 caps
Health Force
Intestinal Drawing Formula260 caps
I&E Organics
SURMN 6X Tautopathy Remedy pelletsPellets
Life Extensions
Florassist GI w Phage technology30 gel caps
Life Force
Body Balance with SeaNine1 Quart
Rosmarinic Acid Complex120 caps
Advanced Ambrotose120 caps
Coratin60 tabs
Exhilarin60 tabs
NutraGems CoQ10 30030 chewable gels
OmegaGennics DHA 60090 soft gels
SPM Active60 Soft gels and 120 soft gels
Vitamin D3 liquid2 fluid oz
Microbiome Labs
Mega Spore Probiotic60 caps
Kavinace120 caps
Kavinace Ultra PM30 caps
Nutra Medix
Banderol – Microbial Defense2 fluid oz
Burbur-Pinella Detox2 fluid oz
NONI – Microbial Defense1 fluid oz
Parsley – Detox1 fluid oz
Samento Tincture Microbial Defense2 fluid oz
Alkabase100 caps
Ortho Molecular
5-HTP 100mg90 caps
Phosphatidylserine90 soft gels
SAMe60 caps
Vitamin K2 with D360 caps
SBI Protect120 caps
apo-HEPAT Liver & Gallbladder Function100 ml
ITIRES Lymphatic Support System100 ml
RENELIX – Kidney Function100 ml
Pekana Basic Detox/drainage kit3 pack of 50ml each
Pure Encapsulation
DIM Pro 100120 caps
Grapefruit Seed Extract 250mg120 caps
Lycopene 20mg60 soft gels
Selenium (selenomethionine)180 caps
Pure Research Products
Del Immune V100 caps
Quick Silver Scientific
Colorado Hemp Oil1.7 oz
Liposomal Glutathione1.7 oz
Researched Nutritionals
Transfer Factor Enviro60 gel caps
Transfer Factor L Plus60 gel caps
Transfer Factor PlasMyco60 gel caps
Soverign Labs
Pro Colostrum-LD120 caps
Standard Process
Pituitrophin PMG90 tabs
AR-ENCAP240 caps
Basic B Complex60 caps
Berberine-50060 caps
Boswellia Phytosome60 caps
Crucera SGS60 caps
Formula SF722 Undecylenic Acid250 gel caps
Meriva-500 curcumin Phytosome120 caps
Molybdenum Glycinate60 Caps
Niacel- 25060 Caps
O.P.C – 100 Grape Seed extract60 Caps
Pantethine Active B560 Caps
PharmaGaba -25060 Caps
Phosphatidyl Choline60 gel caps
Polyresveratrol-SR60 Caps
Resveracel60 Caps
Rhodiola60 Caps
Riboflavin 5-Phosphate60 Caps
Vitamin D 10,00060 Caps
Vitamin D 500060 Caps
5MTHF 1g60 Caps
Vital Nutrients
Lithium Oratate 20mg90 caps
Alpha Sigma
VSL #3 Medical probiotic food60 caps
Woodland Essence
Baikal Skullcap2 fluid oz
Western Herbal and Nutrition
Fulvium2 fluid oz
AdrenaLiv120 caps
Adrenal Manager – Stress Support60 caps
Cortisolv60 caps
CurcuPlex CR60 caps
Hist DAO60 caps
Hormone Protect60 caps
Hormone Protect120 caps
Methyl Protect120 caps
MonoPure 1300 EC60 soft gel
MonoPure 1300 EC120 soft gel
OptiFiber Lean96 grams
RelaxMax 60 Servings180grams
Sacharomycin DF60 caps
TestoPlex Plus60 caps
Young Nutraceuticals
Mirica60 caps