Approach to Healing

This a very personal and heartfelt message to my chronic illness patients, current or potential.

Illness of any kind is an invitation from our bodies to re-invent ourselves. We can choose to respond to this invitation in many ways, and I have seen all of the following:

  • Denial of how sick we are

  • Anger at the illness, at our bodies who have betrayed us, at our families who don’t support us and do not understand, at our workplace/bosses who have created a toxic environment that made us sick…

  • Withdrawal, passivity, and hopelessness

  • Extreme neediness

  • Blame. There can be many targets here, too numerous to elaborate…

  • “I’m going to kill all of these infections right now, and you are going to help me! I won’t leave here today without antibiotics!”

  • Catastrophizing


  • Empowerment

  • “I am not my illness”

  • “I am going to learn everything I can about this illness so that I can partner with my doctor and bring her new ideas.”

  • Learning to live in the moment without expectations because every day is different

Here is my invitation to you:

Your illness is a very personal journey, one that you get to craft as you go. If you are open and willing, it is an opportunity to learn a lot about yourself and grow in very powerful ways. If you are willing to be humbled by this process, say YES to truly healing on ALL levels, (not just physical, but spiritual, emotional, and energetically as well) and are willing to hold an openness to embrace all possibilities, to do the hard work necessary, your healing journey will be profound. You will notice that I did not say your journey will be: “easy, short, without setbacks, what you expected, or just like someone else’s journey.”

Your healing journey will be unique to you. It will not be easy, or without bumps in the road. It will most certainly not be short. However, it will be hopeful. Together we will explore all the possibilities available to assist you to regain your health. As our knowledge in this field expands, there will be newer treatments available, and I will share these with you as I learn more about them.

My commitment to you is to walk this path with you in partnership, holding an energy of hope and possibility.

I will end with a quote from a leader in the field of chronic inflammatory illnesses, Dr Neil Nathan. This is from his book Toxic, published in late 2018 (which I encourage you to read).

“It is important to start all healthcare relationships with a mutual understanding of respect, a goal of true healing, and a mutual agreement to work hard and for a long time to achieve it.”

If you resonate with what I have written here, then our partnership will be a fruitful one and I look forward to working with you.