Optimal Aging

Dr Brown believes that our “golden years” can be just that: a time of renewed vigor, creativity, and full expression of all that you can be. She rejects the generally held expectations around our aging process that include:

  • A steady, gradual decline in physical activity and vigor

  • A steady increase in the use of pharmaceutical medications

  • A steady decline in brain function

  • Lack of interest in sexual expression

  • An expectation of chronic pain

  • Concern about becoming a burden to loved ones

She would like to help you lay claim to a future that optimizes your wellness throughout your coming years. She will use her knowledge of functional medicine to guide you through changes in nourishment, the use of supplements, supporting your connection to spirit, removing or modifying toxic environments, and encouraging your choice of movement. All of this will optimize your wellbeing and minimize your use of prescription medications.

To quote a wise teacher of Dr Brown’s: My goal is to be “Happy, Healthy, Happy, Healthy, Happy, Healthy, Dead!”

She looks forward to helping you create an optimal expression of your wellbeing at this point of your life.

Please note: Dr Brown does not take Medicare or Medicaid. Please see our FAQ’S page for rates.