Nancy L. Brown, MD

Nancy is a family doctor whose practice of medicine has evolved considerably over the 30-plus years of her career.  After deciding that interacting with people would be much more fun and interesting than interacting with distillation towers, she left her job as a chemical engineer and went to medical school in Boston where, unbeknownst to her, she was likely bitten by a Lyme-infected tick while exploring the New England countryside.  Having occasionally severe but limited symptoms, she finished her training, and went on to practice Family Medicine in Denver for several decades. Eventually, her frustration with the current pharmaceutically-centered paradigm of seeing patients every 15 minutes led her to Functional/Integrative Medicine. She now feels deep satisfaction when treating the root causes of illness, and finds that this approach is much more beneficial to her patients while also being much more aligned with her personal experience and values.

Nancy discovered in 2016 that chronic Lyme disease was responsible for the worsening psychiatric and physical symptoms she had faced ever since undergoing back surgery two years prior. This discovery has revolutionized both her life and her practice.  Having now pursued extensive training in both tick-borne infections and mold toxicity, she uses her many years of clinical experience, her pattern-recognition skills, and her commitment to finding the root causes of illness to diagnose and treat those with elusive, treatment-resistant, multisymptom, multisystem illnesses.  Nancy is passionate about supporting her patients with these illnesses, and continues to pursue knowledge of the most up to date treatments in this field of medicine.

Nancy Brown holds an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering from Columbia University, and received her MD from Harvard Medical School.  She continues to work in private practice where her focus is increasingly on patients with Lyme, mold toxicity, and related conditions.  Having successfully launched her daughter, she lives in Denver with her cat Pixie, and enjoys gardening (especially roses), cooking, and meditation.