About Us

Nancy L. Brown, MD

Nancy is a family doctor whose practice of medicine has evolved considerably over the 30-plus years of her career.  After deciding that interacting with people would be much more fun and interesting than interacting with distillation towers, she left her job as a chemical engineer and went to medical school in Boston where, unbeknownst to her, she was likely bitten by a Lyme-infected tick while exploring the New England countryside. Having occasionally severe but limited symptoms, she finished her training, and went on to practice Family Medicine in Denver for several decades. Eventually, her frustration with the current pharmaceutically-centered paradigm of seeing patients every 15 minutes led her to Functional/Integrative Medicine.

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Cori Van Dyke

Cori Van Dyke is a medical assistant whose work in the medical field has spanned emergency medicine, public health, rural communities, and now functional medicine.  Cori grew up in Lakewood CO, studied Biology and International Relations at the University of San Diego, and served as a Community Health volunteer with the Peace Corps in Tanzania.  Now back in Colorado she enjoys trail running, backpacking, and singing loudly to the radio.

Lynn McCluskey

Lynn McCluskey is an office manager whose work experience spans 40 years over many types of businesses. Now, after 4 decades, she has found the perfect fit that aligns with her core beliefs and values. Lynn is passionate about helping and supporting others. Having grown up in Colorado she enjoys all of Nature, Qigong, time spent with family, painting and drawing, giggling and randomly bursting into song.